chrmdboss (chrmdboss) wrote,

Honeymooning at Home...

"So, now that all the craziness is behind us, how about settling in and finally watching that movie we never got around to see?"

"Actually I was thinkin' that we might orchestrate our own brand of entertainment tonight," he said, scooping his fiancee up from the couch.

"Sound like somethin' of interest to you?

"I might be persuaded..." she answered, voice low

"Now where did I hide Mona's camcorder?" He tapped his finger to his chin, giving their living room a once-over.

"Tony, you're terrible," Angela gushed.

"You noticed," he said, grinning devilishly.


{Italian expletives are heard through gritted teeth}

"Oh no, I hope Sam and Hank didn't misplace the key to mother's apartment again."

"Ang, about the camcorder thing, I was only kiddin'. I mean, who needs a camcorder when I've got the leadin' role right alongside you?"

"Tony, that's so sweet." "There are always those repeat performances too, you know."

"Baby, you aint kiddin'."

The chime of the doorbell is but as Angela's airy laughter rang in his ears.
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