chrmdboss (chrmdboss) wrote,

My Cherished Companion...

My Egyptian Short-Haired cat, Ramsey, passed away this morning. As some of you already know, I have a physical disability, Cerebral Palsy, which causes me to use both a wheelchair and walker for basic mobility. He was what I like to call my 'dark angel,' as he's all black, and always looking out for me. He would wake me up 3x every morning and stay curled up on my bathroom rug until I showered and dressed for work. This was our daily routine. He was also accustom to sitting atop my lap as I motored around the house in my electric wheelchair. If we'd open the sliding glass door that led to the patio just a crack, he'd go through the motions, angling his paw in such a way that he was able to then slide the door open and push himself through. Talk about intelligence, he had it, and knew it, too.

He's also a poster kitty, quite the celebrity. He's been featured in the 2011 edition of Workman Publishing's Bad Cat Calendar. His caption ironically reads "I sold my soul..." He really is an angel, though. Ok, so maybe his curiosity brought out the devil in him from time, and yes, he was known to knock things off my desk, but, hey, what do you know, I do that too. That just made him all the more human.

Rest in peace, Rammy {I know you're curiously scanning the computer screen as I type every word...}

You'll always be with me,

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